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Wedding Bridal Shoes / Photo By Jeff Turnball
Which Season Should You Hold Your Wedding?

When most people think of weddings they instantly think Summer. Beautiful warm, sunny days and the long light evenings. However, it’s important that you explore all the seasons before deciding on your big day and each certainly has its pros & cons.

So let us start with the most popular season, Summer.  The opportunity to spend lots of time outside; think BBQ’s, jugs of Pimms, garden games and the freedom we feel with the enjoyment of the long light summer evenings.

When researching a wedding venue ensure that you have all the prices that they offer throughout the year as it can certainly be an eye opener. The charges may also depend on the day of the week too, so if you have always dreamed of a summer wedding but need to be mindful of your budget, you might want to consider a mid-week wedding.

A little helpful tip, if you do choose a Summer wedding, remember to pack sun lotion especially if you plan to have an off the shoulder number. A bride with sun burnt shoulders and a groom with a bright red face does not make for memorable photographs.

Pumpkin centre pieceAutumn is probably my favourite season. I just love the bright, warming colour tones. Think beautiful reds and vibrant orange autumnal leaves as they start to turn. They certainly make an amazing natural backdrop. Pumpkins can also make an interesting, and potentially a more cost-effective centrepiece.  Remember that the clocks go back towards the end of October, so the nights will be starting to draw in by now. If you love fireworks, then this is the perfect time of year – but don’t forget to double check your venues policy on having these, some do not permit them and others stipulate particular a particular supplier.

Winter weddings give you the opportunity to have cosy log fires, lots of romantic candle light, beautiful bridal capes and hot spiced mulled wine.  By now the day light is much shorter so plan carefully the timings of your day, and if you choose your photographer wisely too I’m sure they will capture romantic cosy shots. If you want a magical Christmas themed wedding check with the venue when they put up their decorations and what colour scheme they use.

Finally, we head into Spring the time when we start to shed our winter woollies, the dark evenings are no more, and we begin to feel more alive. Think beautiful natural shades, teamed with bright coloured daffodils & pink cherry tree blossom. Spring certainly has a lovely romantic feel to it.

 The Great British weather certainly plays a huge part to any wedding day whatever the season, but to be honest don’t get hung up on the things that you have absolutely no control over. What can be wise though is to have a backup, a Plan B, so discuss with your venue the ‘what if’s’ and if need be purchase umbrellas to match your theme and if it doesn’t rain they can be saved for another day or used as a parasol instead.

Other factors you may have to consider are school holidays, other family celebrations already planned and just as important where you want to go on honeymoon. You don’t want to head off somewhere hot to discover the time of year you have picked for your wedding is your chosen destinations rainy season!

So, take some time and chat through which season you feel would best suit You, Your theme and Your personalities.

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