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Party Celebrations with Bollinger / Photo: HJ-photography.co.uk
Top Ten Tips to Get Your Party Celebrations Started

It’s the time of year when everyone gets excited about Halloween, Firework night then of course Christmas and New Year. There is so much to celebrate and enjoy in these final few months of the year.  We all certainly cram in as much as is physically possible don’t we?

Don’t be fooled by the name, Weddings By Mary also creates memorable parties and celebrations and with careful, logistical planning and selecting the best suppliers your party celebration will certainly be a memorable event.

But where to begin?

One. That All Important Guest List – Having a rough idea of the number of guests you will be inviting to your celebration is key. Obviously, there will be some friends or family members that won’t be able to attend but the basis for party planning is this figure. It will help with sourcing venues or marquee size as well as enabling your suppliers such as caterers, entertainers etc. to provide a more accurate initial quotation.

Two. Choose A Date – You probably already have a date in mind for the party celebration but do have another option available just in case. Ensure that you speak to family & friends to let them know that you are planning a celebration so that not only can they get the date in their own diary. It may also flag up any potential clashes so keep your options open initially.

Three. Set your Budget – Decide the amount you wish to spend on this celebration. Then decide what aspects of the party are most important to you, whether it is fabulous food, dramatic drinks such as signature cocktails as well as great entertainment. All of these are key but do you also want a theme or particular style which may then influence how the budget will be spent?

Four. Find the Perfect Venue– When searching for your perfect venue you will already know your approximate guest numbers, as well as option of dates in mind, but there are a whole host of other questions you will need to consider. These should include timings, accessibility and regulations. You may also want your venue to reflect the style of party you wish to host.

Five. Decide on a Theme – Depending on the reason for the party, whether it’s a 50th birthday, a special wedding anniversary or just the chance to celebrate a great year with family & friends, you may also want to have a theme. James Bonds, Glitz & Glamour, Masked Ball or perhaps a Winter Wonderland feel.

Six. Organise Entertainment– Along with great food & captivating cocktails, the entertainment you provide your guests will be just as talked about. Do you therefore want a live band or DJ? If you’re hosting a celebration where you have to consider noise restrictions, why not opt for a silent disco later? It’s such fun.The Beat Union Band, Stationers Hall, Wedding Venue, London / Photo By Douglas Fry Photography

Seven. Invitations– Your invitations should include the date, times, dress code and party theme. It is also helpful to ask your guests to RSVP by a specific date. It gives them a little nudge and you a clearer idea of numbers for catering and such like.

Eight. Organise Catering – When speaking to your caterer about your requirements, ensure that they know about any special dietary requirements you or your guests may have.

Nine. Preparation Is Key – Prepare as much as you can in advance. That way, you’ll have a chance to enjoy your own party.

Ten. Lists– Make a list of the tasks that need to be competed as well as key dates that you need to confirm details with suppliers. It’s so satisfying to be able to see items ticked off and the list decreasing.


A Top Tip: If planning your party at home then think about having some cleaners the morning after to assist with the inescapable mess.

Party options are endless especially as this time of year, therefore if you are interested in hiring Weddings By Mary as your Party & Celebrations Planner to create your perfect party celebration please do get in touch.

We can then get your party well and truly started.Weddings By Mary signature

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Want Perfect Stress-Free Wedding Planning in those final weeks?

Do you want stress free wedding planning? Is it all suddenly becoming a bit too much as, like most couples planning a wedding, you are juggling this alongside an already hectic life and full-time job?

Perhaps now is the time then for you to consider an experienced professional wedding planner?Weddings By Mary / Photo by HJ-Photography.co.uk

With the months ticking away quickly the seemingly endless stream of emails, calls and paperwork that planning your wedding involves are more than likely beginning to build up.

An extra pair of professional hands to assist with the ever-growing list of tasks that need completing, along with a fresh pair of eyes maybe just what is needed.

Many professional, experienced wedding planners offer a Partial Planning Wedding Service which would be the perfect solution.

As a couple you would still very much be involved in the planning of your big day. But extra guidance and advice to move your plans in the right direction and knowing that the stresses and strains on you are lessened can make for a more enjoyable time.

An experienced professional wedding planner can remove the strain of the ever-growing wedding administration leaving you free to undertake and enjoy the fun things that are most important to you.

Your experienced wedding planner can arrange and attend any final meetings at your chosen venue, create a detailed time plan for the big day, assist with the search for any potential additional suppliers and become the main point of contact for all those suppliers already involved. If there are any issues or problems that need addressing these can be quickly and calmly resolved. Partial wedding planning offers enormous benefit and relief to ensure your wedding plans move forward.Wedding day sunset / Photo by: Leah Van Zyl

On the big day your wedding planner would fully co-ordinate from beginning to end as well as fielding any calls, queries and questions from suppliers, assisting with set up and dealing with any issues that may arise. Your wedding planner will also ensure that your guests needs are also catered for.

Your wedding is a truly special moment in time that you will want to remember with complete happiness, peace of mind and most importantly stress free.

Exactly as it should be.



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A blushing bride & her bridesmaids, Essex Wedding Venue / Photo: Leah Van Zyl Photography
Top Tips on choosing your Wedding Attire

Everyone one wants to know what the brides dress will be like. Will it be sleek? Will it have loads of luscious layers? Will it be off the shoulder or have delicate lace sleeves?

Whatever the dress looks like, you as the beautiful blushing bride must feel 100% happy. You will not only be wearing it all day and evening but will be forever looking at yourself in the hundreds of photographs taken not only by your professional photographer but also by your guests.

Don’t be hurried or even worse bullied into buying your bridal gown and definitely be guided by your instincts. This is it. This is THE DRESS! You will know the moment you put on the one – I did!

If you wish to wear a veil to complete the perfect look, decide beforehand if you want to wear it over your face and do try this before the big moment. Some brides feel very claustrophobic and as emotions will no doubt be running high before the ceremony, it’s wise to try it first. If you do decide to wear the veil over your face, then ensure your husband to be or bridesmaid is on hand to gently lift it over your face and smooth back over your hair.

There are so many different styles of dresses, so go with a completely open mind and enjoy the fun of trying on different styles from sleek and simple to multitudes of layers. You never know, what you’ve always thought you would wear may be the furthest from what you actually finally choose.What a joyful groom, High House Weddings, Essex / Photo by: Rebecca Farries Photography

If you are planning a summer wedding with an off the shoulder style, then don’t forget to wear some sun lotion. For winter weddings a cape will certainly be striking but deicide if you wish to wear it during the ceremony, just walking down the aisle with a big reveal or keep it for after the ceremony to enable you to have outside photographs whilst keeping cosy and warm.

When it comes to choosing the colour and style of the bridesmaid’s dresses do consider their shape and colouring too. You want them to feel as special and comfortable as you. I love the dresses that are the same, but not quite, whether that be varying shades or a slightly different style, again remember they want to feel beautiful and elegant too.

With regard to shoes, be realistic. If you opt for gorgeous elegant heels then let them be comfortable for all. Wear them as much as possible around the house before the big day and ensure that you scuff up the soles too, you don’t want to be slipping and tripping up the aisle. That goes for the soles of the groom’s shoes too!

What the groom wears is just as important with the traditional groom’s outfit being a morning suit. This means a black morning coat, black and grey striped trousers, a waistcoat and tie. However, many men these days choose something far less traditional although black tie weddings are increasingly common, as are weddings in everyday lounge suits. Usually the best man and ushers wear suits to match the groom’s outfit, although the groom often stands out a little by having perhaps a different waistcoat or buttonhole. Adding special touches like personalised cufflinks, colourful socks or matching ties adds to the uniqueness. Matching outfits are also a great way for us wedding planners to spot a helpful pair of hands if needed!

But remember boys, if you are marrying in the summer, and with the hot summer we have just experienced, do you really need the three layers – shirt, waistcoat & jacket? Why not just the shirt and jacket or even just the shirt, depending on the feel and style of wedding you are planning?

Above all remember that you will want everyone in the bridal party to feel, elegant, beautiful, handsome and comfortable.

You could also invite your professional experienced wedding planner along on the dress shopping trips to provide an honest opinion!

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