2019 Wedding Trends

Wow 2018 is so very nearly drawing to a close.

In the year that we were lucky enough to have not one but two royal weddings, we also saw an explosion of floral extravagance. Meghan & Harry along with Eugenie & Jack gave us two very personal weddings, which I believe as an experienced and professional wedding planner, will one of the biggest trends for next year that we will see.

More couples started to think about looking up at the ceiling of their wedding venue or marquee. We saw more hanging floral arrangements and lanterns strung. Throughout 2018 there was the trend of bringing the outdoors in. Think tall trees, greenery and foliage but inside and this will continue into 2019.Mary Briscoe, Experienced & Professional Wedding Planner, Marquee Wedding | Rebecca Farries Photography

Long guest tables were immensely popular; however, I personally prefer the social element of round tables. This was debated over on my Facebook page back in October and there is certainly a number of positives for each option. But what option would you choose?

Every year we have the hype of a new colour theme release and the wedding industry as a whole get very excited. We almost hold our breath in anticipation to know what the colour will be. Pantone’s colour theme for 2018 was Ultra violet (think a certain sweet company’s purple!) It made the perfect partner to gold, but couples also started to step away from the popular rose gold and opt for a more metallic touch in the form of copper.

For 2019 Pantone have given us Living Coral, a bright, sunny, pinky-orange which will certainly add a vibrant pop of colour to any wedding, party or celebration. Dulux however have chosen a complete contrast to Pantone for next year with their choice of Spiced Honey. They say it is sophisticated, warm and elegant – now that sounds like my kind of colour!

Food is probably one of the most talked about elements to a wedding or celebration. No one wants to get it wrong. Not fully breaking away from the traditional sit down wedding breakfast, but perhaps opting for a dessert and coffee station, giving guests the chance to mingle and graze at a more leisurely pace. Wedding food is definitely seeing a change, and this will continue into the 2019 wedding season.

Weddings are also becoming much more reflective of the couple and their personalities. In 2019 couples will be looking for a more relaxed feel to their special day, especially when planning the ceremony element. The use of a wedding celebrant to provide not only a more personal tailored service but also the place in which they marry will be far more reflective of this. Weddings are often steeped in tradition, which of course I love, but I also love it when couples tweak these giving a much more personal feel. This could be from speeches before the wedding breakfast and with the bride and maid of honour also saying a few words. These are ideas that work beautifully, especially when incorporated into the planning schedule.

I am most certainly not a wedding dress designer, but I can see brides opting for more simple and classic wedding dresses in 2019, especially after the beautiful dresses worn by Meghan & Eugenie. Their dresses were simply stunning. Meghan’s gorgeous long veil certainly added that extra wow factor and although Eugenie opted for no veil it truly reflected her style and grace. More brides will also opt for two dresses; day and evening.

Here at Weddings By Mary you know that I love traditions and trends. But first and foremost, I want my clients to express their own vision and own ideas for their wedding day whether it be ‘on trend’ or not.

What every 2019 brings let it be your wedding choice.

Signature of experienced and professional wedding planner Mary Briscoe

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