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6 Pre- and Post-Wedding Event Ideas To Keep The Celebrations Going

When it comes to weddings, a common sentiment among couples is:
‘We wish we could do it all again!”

That’s where pre- and post-wedding event ideas come in. Giving you the perfect opportunity (and excuse, if you need one) to keep the celebrations going for a while longer.

Whether you gather your loved ones together before the big day itself or ask them to stay around a little longer. Everyone involved will love the extra time spent together and the additional memories to hold onto.

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Here are 6 pre- and post-wedding events ideas you’ll love –
you might even find yourselves inspired to do both!

Pre-Wedding Event Ideas

1. A Formal ‘Welcome Dinner’

A classic way to start your wedding celebrations off with a bang is with a welcome dinner. Typically taking on a more formal atmosphere in that you’ll have a definitive guest list.

You could choose to host this at your wedding venue or a local restaurant and opt for an intimate crowd. Or get everyone together from the start. A special menu might be involved, and often these types of events have a set start and finish time.

This allows everyone to get a good night’s sleep in anticipation of the big day ahead – especially you!

2. A Casual Drop-In Drinks Evening

If you prefer something more informal, hosting an evening of relaxed drinks with low-key dining options can be a lovely way to kick off your wedding celebrations.

This choice allows guests to drop in & out and stay as long as they like. This way you aren’t obliged to organise specific catering options.

Choosing somewhere like a local bistro, lounge or restaurant private room, perhaps with the option for guests to buy their own food and drinks. Whilst spending time chatting & mingling, before heading off to bed whenever suits them ahead of The Big Day.

3. Local activities

 In some instances, your guests will be travelling quite some distance for your wedding. Whether that’s overseas for a destination wedding. Or up and down the UK.

Arranging optional fun activities is a great pre-wedding event idea. Allowing guests of all ages something interesting to do and giving them a flavour of the local area.

Marrying in the Med? Wine tasting excursions or boat trips are always popular, with the added bonus that you’re supporting local tourism.

Perhaps there’s an area of interest nearby your chosen destination venue. For example Stonehenge or the picturesque Cotswolds or New Forest. Your guests may enjoy a relaxing day out ahead of the jubilations.

Post-Wedding Event Ideas

1. Brunch

It will come as no surprise that ‘brunch’ is one of the most well-loved post-wedding event ideas.  As it tends to be pressure-free for guests and a great opportunity to nurse any sore heads that may be lingering.

It’s always a good idea to indicate a start time and arrange some casual, help-yourself dining for a post-wedding brunch . But you should expect guests to come and go…and change their minds about their attendance a few times!

Consider what spaces your wedding venue might have available for this or choose somewhere fairly central to where your guests are staying to maximise the chance of people making it along.

If you are having a marquee wedding at home it’s a great opportunity to reuse this space. How about hiring in a coffee barista van/bike, perhaps a pick me up bloody Mary station or similar would be a welcome sight?

2. A Pool Party

If you’re lucky enough to be hosting your wedding somewhere with a pool (I’m thinking about destination weddings in particular!). Gathering your guests around it for a chilled out farewell party is always a winning option.

You can turn it into a beach club style event with a casual DJ and a bit of ‘hair of the dog’ if your guests are true party-lovers.

Or a more relaxed BBQ gathering with a spread of soft drinks and mocktails. Pool parties are very versatile as far as post-wedding events go, allowing you to create whatever vibe you desire.

3. A Farewell Activity

Some couples and their guests like to extend the celebrations with a post-wedding day organised activity. These can vary hugely depending on your location!

If you’re marrying at a UK countryside estate, perhaps you’d could organise a local hike and pub lunch to blow off the cobwebs.

If you’re into sports or outdoor activities, arranging something entertaining like archery or clay pigeon shooting. For a more relaxed vibe yoga/pilates can help relieve tired bodies & minds.

At a destination wedding you can truly take advantage of the local area. How about arranging a tour, tasting experience or other country-specific activity.

You know your guests better than anyone, so this one can be tailored for your crowd!

When you choose the Weddings by Mary signature Multi-Day Wedding Planning experience.

Whether for an epic wedding in the UK or you’re dreaming of a destination wedding.

Your pre- and post-wedding event planning is included. Therefore consider it expertly taken care of with the friendly style and down to earth nature of Weddings By Mary.

We’ll plan a series of pre- and/or post wedding events that truly celebrate you and your loved ones.  All in your unique style, for a big, beautiful weekend of celebrations you’ll both never forget.

These ideas are just that, and I can’t wait to hear your own unique ones to compliment you, your wedding and your guests.

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