Same Sex Weddings / Photo By Ross Willsher Photography
Top Ten Tips on How to handle pre-wedding stress

In a recent interview on BBC Essex I was asked how couples deal with the stress that inevitably comes with planning a wedding.  My interview came about as the world waited with baited breath for Harry & Meghan’s big day and how Meghan may have been dealing with stress after …

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Jun 20,2018
Champagne bubbles
What delightful drinks do you offer your guests at your party celebration?

What you offer your guests to drink is just as important as what you offer them to eat. With the increase in popularity of ‘Pimp my Prosecco’, ‘Gin bars’ and sumptuous cocktails there is so much to choose from these days that you can go over board! It is however …

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Jun 14,2018
Chester Boyd Catering / Photo by Douglas Fry Photography
What Food Glorious Food will you be serving at your special celebration?

One of the most important elements to any wedding, celebration or party must be the food that you offer your guests. So, put aside for a moment the wow factor floral arrangements, amazing floor filling DJ, those little extra touches you have planned and think about what you are going …

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May 18,2018
Mary Briscoe Wedding Planner / Photo by / Flowers by Poppies Designer Florist
Who is Mary of Weddings By Mary?

I am Mary Briscoe, proud owner of Weddings By Mary and I love nothing more than to plan memorable weddings & celebrations for individuals who lead busy lives. Having worked within the wedding and event planning industry for the majority of my working life, I have a real passion for …

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May 7,2018
Stationers Hall, London / Photo By Douglas Fry Photography
On the Day Co-Ordination, Stationers Hall, City of London

On the Day Co-ordination is perfect for those couples who want to plan their wedding but need assistance, and more importantly assurance on the big day that everything will run smoothly.  After many months, sometimes even years, all your hard work and planning is about to come to fruition and …

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Apr 25,2018
parkling Fun / Stationers Hall, London / Photo: Douglas Fry Photography
What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Venue Co-ordinator?

A very good question and one that I often get asked. There is a huge difference between the service I provide as a Wedding Planner and that of a Venue Co-Ordinator. Having been a Venue Manager myself for over 10 years, I have the experience and understanding to be able …

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Apr 19,2018
Wedding Guests - Stationers Hall - London / Photo by Douglas Fry Photography
How to compile that all important wedding guest list

It can certainly be a bit of a catch 22 situation – the number of guests that you would like to invite to your wedding either determines your choice of wedding venue or your choice of venue dictates how many guests you will be able to invite. You therefore need …

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Apr 5,2018
Top 10 Tips on Searching for Your Perfect Wedding Venue

With your beautiful sparkling engagement ring proudly displayed on your left hand you now have the serious but fun business of searching for your perfect wedding venue. However, before you start you will need to ask yourself a few important questions which will save you a lot of time and …

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Mar 30,2018
Tips on Setting Your Wedding Budget

A few weeks ago, through my membership of The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, I had the honour of presenting at The National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham.  My topic for discussion was ‘How to create a reliable and robust wedding budget’.  I am passionate about weddings and …

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Mar 22,2018
Painted Hall, Greenwich / Photo by Gomes Photography
Partial Wedding Planning: Winter Wedding in Greenwich, London

Many couples wish to plan their big day, but as the months start to tick away the seemingly endless stream of emails, calls and paperwork that planning a wedding entails suddenly becomes too much, especially if, like most couples this is all being juggled with a full-time job. With only …

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Feb 15,2018
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