Wedding Car Transport / Photo: Studio Rouge Photography
Need some Wedding Planning Guidance?

With so much to do and so much to organise it can be hard to even know where to start or indeed which way to turn to plan your wedding. Many couples wish to plan their big wedding day. Initially setting out their budget, discussing their ideas, sourcing the perfect …

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Dec 14,2018
Five Tips On Why You Should Host A Winter Wedding

What images conjure up in your mind when you think of Winter weddings? Cosy log fires, beautiful long velvet capes, a dusting of snow, warming spiced drinks & twinkling candle light? It all sounds so romantic doesn’t it? So why not have your wedding during the magical winter season? As …

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Dec 8,2018
Mary Briscoe, Experienced & Professional Wedding Planner, Marquee Wedding | Rebecca Farries Photography
Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

This is a question not only clients but even friends ask me. Why would I need to hire a wedding planner? Let me then ask you a couple of questions. If you needed to build an extension on your home would you do this, or would you call an expert …

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Nov 30,2018
Why Renew Your Wedding Vows?

My local radio station, BBC Essex, recently asked me, as an experienced & professional wedding planner to speak about why couples wish to renew their wedding vows (listen in around 2.52 This came about with Jamie Oliver and his lovely wife Jules announced that they were planning to renew …

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Nov 23,2018
Tips on Winter Wedding Photography

There is something quite magical and quite special about a winter wedding isn’t there? Cosy log fires, beautiful long velvet capes, a dusting of snow, warming spiced drinks & twinkling candle light. It all sounds so romantic. However, one big consideration when holding a winter wedding is that you will …

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Nov 16,2018
What is Partial Wedding Planning?

I frequently get asked ‘What is Partial Wedding Planning?’ Many couples often wish to plan their big day. Initially setting out their budget, discussing their ideas, sourcing the wedding venue and suppliers, creating and sending out the invitations and monitoring their RSVP list. But as the months start to tick …

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Nov 8,2018
Wedding rings the symbol of love & marriage - Wedding & Celebrations venue The Great Lodge, Great Bardfield, Essex / Photo: Kevin Watkin
Civil Wedding Ceremony Legalities

Now I must first point out that I certainly do not know all the ‘ins & outs’ of the legal side of your civil wedding ceremony. However, I do have a little knowledge and understanding of the requirements for a registrar to perform your civil wedding ceremony, as prior to …

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Nov 2,2018
Wedding Tradition, Something Blue / Photo: Sophie Oldhamstead Photography
Top Six Wedding Traditions

Who doesn’t love a tradition? It doesn’t have to be a wedding tradition. We all have family traditions that go back years. In fact, the Oxford dictionary states that a tradition is: ‘The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in …

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Oct 26,2018
Final Wedding Planning Preparations

The week of your big day has arrived. You are both so excited, so emotional and probably a little stressed too, yes? As an experienced and professional wedding planner it is part of my role to ensure that all of the final and finer details of your wedding are taken …

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Oct 15,2018
Love is all you need, Wedding venue Essex, High House / Photo: Rebecca Farries Photography The Prop Boutique
Six Tips on how to select the best date for your wedding

Why do I, a professional and experienced wedding planner, need to write a blog advising you on choosing the best date for your wedding? Surely choosing a date is the easiest part? Just pick a date that suits you as couple. Well yes, that is often true, but there will …

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Oct 5,2018
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