What cooling ideas can you provide at your celebration in the hot weather?

The look of LOVE at High House Weddings with The Prop Boutique / Photo: Rebecca Farries Photography

Wow what a scorching summer we are having this year, not your typical English weather. You’ll not hear any complaints here though!

You therefore should really think of ways to keep not only you but also your guests feeling comfortable in the sizzling heat.

Let’s start with the most obvious, which is to keep everyone hydrated. And not just with alcohol! Ensure you have lots of bottled water, whether it be still or sparkling, with plenty of ice too. You can purchase ice in large bags but remember you also need to keep these cool. Large tubs dotted around with bottles of water for guests to grab are a great idea if you are having an informal celebration, but your caterer can ensure tables are topped up regularly too if you are having something more formal.

If you are wearing something a little revealing remember to pop on the high factor sun lotion. There is nothing worse than having sunburnt shoulders or head and they certainly won’t make for striking photographs. You could assemble a small basket of toiletries for the ladies & gents and include some handy sized tubes, perhaps also a sensitive version for any little guests you may have invited.

Once you are seated for the wedding breakfast and everyone is feeling a little more relaxed then perhaps the groom can suggest that the gentlemen may remove their ties and ladies their hats. However, if you are having speeches later then you might want to suggest the top table pop them back on especially if your photographer is snapping away for the album.

As the date of your wedding or celebration draws ever closer you will undoubtedly be keeping a very watchful eye on the weather forecast. You can then decide, perhaps a week prior, if you wish to order any umbrellas, which can be used as a sun parasol to protect from the sun’s rays rather than the usual rain drops! They can also make for a fun photo prop.

If you are having a marquee, the company providing this should be able raise the sides to allow a nice through breeze. It is also worth checking with your wedding venue if the function suite you have booked has air-conditioning.

As a nice keepsake for the ladies you can offer elegant hand fans.

There will no doubt be outside areas in the shade, so why not purchase some picnic blankets to throw on the ground or add some additional garden furniture to make a nice seating area. This could also make a pretty setting for photographs.

Finally, there’s nothing better on a hot summers day than a delicious tub of cool creamy ice cream. You could, if budget permits, hire an ice cream cart to add a little extra fun to the evenings proceedings.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your celebration as we have no control over the skies above us.

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