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What does the future look like for weddings?

Essex Wedding Planner Mary Briscoe explains – The future looks bright, and couples are eager to plan their weddings.

Time is so precious. It’s all about embracing the here and now (& each other!) Like everything in life nothing stays the same forever. Things evolve and take a different shape.

For some couples the last 2 years have given them the gift of time and space to truly think about what it is that they actually want for their wedding. Rather than following the herd. And it’s been quite liberating.

Whether though that’s still to host a large scale wedding celebration surrounded by family & friends or something more intimate and cosier. It’s very much a personal choice for each & every couple. And for no one else to decide.

Whatever your wedding day looks like – it will be one full of love & laughter

A few helpful tips when starting your wedding planning

Huge congratulations to anyone who has recently got engaged. It’s such an exciting time and the biggest tip I’d offer is…. Don’t Start Planning Yet!

Yes, you read that correctly. First & foremost, it’s so important to take the time to enjoy this special moment.

Celebrate with family. Celebrate with friends but most of all celebrate together. Many couples once the proposal has been made rush headfirst into wedding planning mode, without savouring this most special time.

Weddings by Mary- Essex wedding planner

With the average timeframe for planning a wedding being 12 – 18 months. There’s plenty of time so first and foremost shout from the rooftops about your engagement.


Once the dust has settled and you’re  ready to start I’d start with your wedding finances.

It’s not romantic. Not in the least bit sexy and quite frankly no one likes to talk about money. But it essentially should be top of the wedding planning ‘To Do’ list.

What Next?

After that it will be all about securing the perfect wedding venue which will then truly start the ball rolling in terms of guests list, season, style, vision, and everything else in between.

What are the keys to wedding planning?



This is key not only when it comes to planning your wedding but for your future together. Keep up the conversation between each other.


Know your priorities. What’s important to you both as a couple but also as individuals for your big day. Do you want wow factor florals? The most delicious food & flowing champagne? Or perhaps a band to keep your dance floor packed all night.

Remember that it is your day and whatever your priorities are these may not be the same for another couple. We are all unique and no two weddings are ever the same, as no two couples are either.

What are the biggest wedding trends for 2022?

Outside Ceremonies

Last year couples in England (& Wales) were given greater freedom to marry outside. Previously at licensed wedding venues the legal ceremony had to take place in an approved room or under a permanent structure outside.

It’s now possible for a couple to have the ceremony anywhere outside, as long as the venue is licensed.

For those wanting to host their nuptials in their own private gardens they will still be required to carry out the legal bit beforehand. Then host a blessing surrounded by their family and friends outside.

Couples want their ceremonies and weddings to have a more personal, relaxed and less stuffy feel.

Mid-Week Weddings

With an immense number of weddings crammed into last year’s wedding season it looks like 2022 will be a busy one too. Many couples have not been afraid to embrace tying the knot during the week.

Who says you can’t marry on a Wednesday?

It’s a compromise that couples are happier to make now than in days gone by.

Weddings by Mary- Essex wedding planner


Why do I love what I do?

That’s easy. I’m a huge people pleaser. Although an Essex wedding planner

I want nothing more than couples to feel at ease and completely supported when planning their wedding where ever in the world that maybe.

All decisions firmly remain theirs to make. I become a confidant, a shoulder to cry and often liken myself to ‘Switzerland’. Playing a neutral role; always listening to both sides but always offering my honest & professional opinion.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than on the wedding day itself and after many months of planning, seeing the newlyweds smiling & laughing.

Totally relaxed & soaking up their special day surrounded by their family & friends without a care in the world. Secure in the knowledge that whatever is happening behind the scenes I have it covered.

 Head to my Wedding Planning services to discover more.

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I’ve spent most of my life in the wedding & events industry. Helping couples in love to celebrate in style is something I adore and am hugely proud of being able to do.

At the very heart of my job is a love of people. A chance to connect with couples is one of my favourite parts. Being a wedding planner means being able to balance the detail-focused organisation and expert problem solving with the chance to have a good chat and a laugh with couples over a cuppa or a glass of fizz.

Mary x