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Hosting A Marquee Wedding At Home: The Reality

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Hosting a marquee wedding at home is a wonderful option for those with the space to do so.  But you might still be wondering whether a luxury wedding venue is a better fit for you.

As an award winning wedding planner with extensive experience of both types of celebration. I love both options but have to admit I’m quite fond of marquee weddings.

I’m going to give you a transparent, realistic look at the pros and cons of hosting at home. To help you decide if it’s right for you and your wedding.


The major differences between marrying in a luxury wedding venue or a marquee hosted at home are logistical. The fact that venues already have heating, lighting, power, toilets, cleaning, waste disposal and so on is a big benefit.

However, many couples choose not to go down this route because of downsides such as:

  • Limitations on finishing times (many venues have a music cut-off time of as early as midnight!).
  • Sound limiters (which can even automatically cut off your music if it creeps above the acceptable volume. Not very conducive to keeping the party mood).
  • Supplier restrictions (‘preferred vendor’ lists can limit the creative possibilities when putting together your vision).
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The real beauty of hosting a marquee wedding at home is that none of these restrictions need apply!

You can dance the night away and even invite the neighbours (or at least ask them round for lunch the next day). Source the creative suppliers that are perfectly placed to execute your design brief. Rather than choosing from a shortlist.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

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As I mentioned before I love home-hosted weddings and could be described as a bit of a marquee maven. Having planned a marquee wedding for clients in under 15 weeks, a summer soiree for a 21st birthday in 3 weeks, and my own marquee wedding in 5 months!

I’ve also planned marquee weddings at all times of the year.  They’re absolutely magical in the winter months.  Think glowing, fairy-lit wonderlands with a cosy indoor-outdoor feel.

However, it’s important to highlight that it’s not quite as simple as just popping a marquee up in the garden and throwing a party.

The process of planning, orchestrating and building the set up isn’t as straightforward as it would be at a luxury wedding venue.

I strongly advocate for couples hosting a marquee wedding at home to enlist the support of an experienced wedding planner. To help bring everything together as it’s easy to overlook or forget about important elements.


Cruicial things to remember about the reality of marquee weddings are:

  •  The truth is that hosting a marquee wedding at home interrupts life for around 2 – 3 weeks. One week leading up to the wedding while the structure is built and all the necessaries put in place. Then one week after while everything is removed and order restored.
  • These ‘necessaries’ are things like generators, signage, guest toilets, parking accommodations and supplier access, and that’s all before you get a single creative supplier in there to make it look beautiful.
  • Not all marquee structures and companies are made equal. And working with a reputable team to provide your structure means no need to worry about leaks if it rains, tears if it’s windy or low quality fixtures and fittings that diminish the luxury finish of your wedding weekend.
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I’m only telling you all this is to help you make an informed decision about your wedding. But I also want to emphasise that all of the above really is worth the effort and planning.

Seeing the end result of your wedding marquee, filled with beauitiful lights, music, personal touches and loved ones, is so rewarding and magical.

What’s more, if you hire a wedding planner you won’t have to worry about any of the logistics – you can bask in the enjoyment of picking your favourite florals, hair & make up trials, menu tastings, and brial gown shopping, safe in the knowledge that all the nitty gritty practical elements are also being taken care of.

I invite you to take a look at my wedding planning options and consider whether my Multi Wedding Planning or Full Wedding Planning services could work for you.

Both are perfect for couples hosting a marquee wedding at home in the UK. The difference being whether you want to have an extended weekend of celebrations planned for you or just one all-out showstopper of a day.

If you’re ready to start planning, please do get in touch! 

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I’ve spent most of my life in the wedding & events industry. Helping couples in love to celebrate in style is something I adore and am hugely proud of being able to do.

At the very heart of my job is a love of people. A chance to connect with couples is one of my favourite parts. Being a wedding planner means being able to balance the detail-focused organisation and expert problem solving with the chance to have a good chat and a laugh with couples over a cuppa or a glass of fizz.

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