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The Truth About What A Wedding Planner Does: 10 Things You Might Not Expect (Part 1)

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Being a wedding planner is an absolutely magical, supremely rewarding job.

It should never be taken for granted how special it is to be such an integral part of your wedding day. And it’s true that there are a lot of fun elements to the planning – we’ll definitely have lots of laughs along the way!

However, it’s not all champagne, canapes and cake tasting in luxurious locations.

In fact, the yummy stuff may only make up about 20% of what a wedding planner does.

Gathered here are 5 things you didn’t know or didn’t expect from your wedding planner. All of which are key parts of the Weddings by Mary experience.

What A Wedding Planner Does:
The Wedmin

1. Your Supplier Shortlist

As well as sourcing the perfect suppliers for your wedding, using a combination of my own trusted network and reliable recommendations. I will ensure that working through the shortlist you are presented with is as stress-less as possible.

This involves pulling together all the information you need on each supplier (and none that you don’t), and so that I can present you with your best options in a clear and concise way.

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2. Supplier Research

That leads nicely onto your supplier research, in particular when I need to source something unique for your wedding

For example, I’m currently looking for silver birch trees and other live plants for a Suffolk marquee wedding. Not having a go-to wedding botanist in my supplier list, this one involves copious amounts of thorough research. And it has paid dividends.

The point is, the time consuming job of sourcing things like this is mine, not yours. Wedding planners are expert researchers!

‘Oh my goodness Mary – these options are amazing, and who knew!’

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3. Quality Control

This is a biggie. Part of what a wedding planner does is to employ years of experience and expert knowledge to identify venues and suppliers that are the right fit.

And will provide you with the high quality experience you desire for your wedding.

Luxury weddings require luxury trusted suppliers who will exceed your expectations.

But this is not always easy to spot if you’ve never planned a wedding before!

You can leave the quality control to me. And be sure that my Weddings by Mary honest and transparent approach means you’ll only ever be presented with suppliers that are reliable. Deliver on experience, and suit your style and finances.

4. Spreadsheets Galore

Spreadsheets are a wedding planner’s best friend, and we use a lot of them!

Our skills are fine tuned over the years so all the logistical, organisational and timeline-related tasks to do with your wedding (affectionately known as ‘wedmin’) are taken off your plate. Allowing you to relax and enjoy the joyful elements of the wedding planning journey.

As a highly practical planner everything is conscientiously recorded. So you don’t have to worry about keeping track of everything. There’s a spreadsheet, timeline or schedule for everything and everyone.

Even if you’re an Excel whizz at work or are a bit of a spreadsheet enthusiast. The novelty can soon wear off when it’s for your own wedding – but this is not something you’ll ever need to worry about when we work together.

5. Working Hours

Time zones don’t faze me either, having worked with couples from around the globe. Whether you’re 8 hours in front or 4 hours behind, we’ll make it happen. Evenings and weekend call as well as out of office hour meetings to suit your work and routines is never an issue. You’re busy people with full diaries and flexibility from a wedding planner is key to ease any pressure off you.
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Find out more about my approach to wedding planning to see if we are a match made in heaven.

And if you want to dive further into the intricacies of destination weddings you can find my FAQs here.

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I’ve spent most of my life in the wedding & events industry. Helping couples in love to celebrate in style is something I adore and am hugely proud of being able to do.

At the very heart of my job is a love of people. A chance to connect with couples is one of my favourite parts. Being a wedding planner means being able to balance the detail-focused organisation and expert problem solving with the chance to have a good chat and a laugh with couples over a cuppa or a glass of fizz.

Mary x