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Tips on choosing a wedding date

You would have thought choosing your wedding date would be the easiest part?

Simple pick a date that works for you. As well as your venue. And, yes, that is often the case.

But there will always be other factors you should consider before making your final choice.

If you’re hosting a marquee wedding at a private residence, then you’re fortunate enough to have a little more flexibility with a date than those opting for a London wedding venue.

However, whether a marquee or Suffolk wedding venue. It’s wise to consider some of the following factors that may make deciding on the best date for your special day a little easier. 

Tips on choosing your wedding date

Let me share some tips on choosing your wedding date. As well as thoughts on some circumstances you may need to factor in when considering the best date for your forthcoming nuptials:

1. Midweek Weddings

Did you know you should set aside approximately 45% of your total wedding budget for your wedding venue (which includes hire costs, food & drink)?

With the remaining 55% towards everything else.

Some wedding venues will offer a different rate for midweek weddings. As well as seasonal concessions.It’s worth considering.

Especially if your heart is set on a particular venue, with no weekend dates available,  would you be happy to host a midweek or off peak wedding instead?

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2. Hectic Work Lives

Everyone’s always busy. Especially so when it comes to our work schedules.

Do family members or friends may have shift patterns to account for. If you’re able to check far enough in advance, you can hopefully establish what will work best for everyone.

If you opt for a Thursday wedding, guests may feel obligated to take two days off work to attend your special day.

3. Overseas Guests

Many of us have family & friends living overseas. And a big part of your wedding will be being surrounded by your loved ones.

Airfares obviously fluctuate and certainly cannot be predicted. But your guests will more than likely want to make the most of their trip.

Check their countries’ holiday dates as this may influence not only their travel decisions but also impact their flight costs.

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4. The Younger Generation

Do you have nieces, nephews, cousins, or perhaps siblings at school or university?

Check school holiday dates around the time you are considering marrying. Especially if you’re wishing to host a summer wedding and factor in your honeymoon too. As travelling during the school holidays, whatever time of year they are, always impacts travel costs.

The university generation may even be heading off on travel adventures. Hopefully they will be able to plan their trip around your wedding date.

But also check that any significant family members or friends haven’t been super organised and already made holiday plans.

5. Significant Events

Your wedding is of course a hugely significant event in your eyes. But do be mindful of world, national and local events too.

For instance, this year we had the King’s Coronation taking place on Saturday 6th May 2023. (As well as the additional Bank Holiday on Monday 8th May).

This will have a huge impact on availability of accommodation in London as well as travelling around the capital that weekend.

Or perhaps you or your partner are huge sports fans. Check any potential sporting event clashes.

Remember it’s also wise to check if there are any local events taking place. You don’t want to be wondering where all you guests are. If a local marathon is taking place and everyone is being diverted.

6. Unusual or Memorable Dates

How about opting for an unusual or memorable date?

For example, marrying on your birthday (I did!). Past clients have chosen the date they met or became engaged. And one couple choosing to share the same wedding date as their grandparents.

Or how about a palindrome dateThe next UK palindromic date however will not be until 3 February 2030, written as 03/02/2030.

Perhaps you’re not the superstitious kind. How about Friday 13th? For 2023 you still have Friday October 13 or in 2024 the options of Friday September 13 & Friday December 13.

New Year’s Eve is another fabulous date. Certainly one not to be forgotten and what an awesome way to see in a New Year – as the Newly Weds!

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I’ve spent most of my life in the wedding & events industry. Helping couples in love to celebrate in style is something I adore and am hugely proud of being able to do.

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