Tips on Creating Your Perfect Wedding Budget

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As an experienced and professional wedding planner, I am passionate about weddings. However, I do appreciate that whenever anyone utters the word ‘wedding’ pound signs suddenly appear and someone, usually the bride’s parents or the future Groom, break out into a cold sweat!

Establishing your wedding budget is THE most important task that you should undertake first.

1. Important Conversations
It’s not very romantic and let’s be honest no one likes to talk about money. However, it is very important to have that all-important conversation, not only with each other but also with family members who you feel may wish to offer a financial contribution. Knowing what their financial input will be from the start will assist you in your planning journey.Precious moments, Essex wedding / Photo: Studio Rouge Photography

2. Saving
What monies have you already saved and where could you start to save? We all love a cheeky cappuccino or two, or a weekend away, so why not cut back on these during the wedding planning period? As the saying goes ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’

3. Priorities
Prioritise what is important to you as a couple. Remember, this is your day and what is important to you as a couple may not necessarily be important to someone else for their wedding. A key trend for 2019 is making weddings more personal. Adding special personal touches that are an essential part of you, either as a couple or individually. Everyone’s priorities for their wedding are different, so set yours from the start. For you perhaps providing your guests with fabulous unforgettable food and endless flowing drinks is important or maybe you have your heart set on a top professional wedding photographer or an awesome floor-filling band.

4. How do you want your wedding to feel?
What one word would you use to describe your wedding? How do you want the day to feel and, just as importantly, how do you want your guests to feel on your special day?

But why?

Wedding Tablescape, Essex Marquee Wedding / Photo: Studio Rouge PhotographyWhen you are out rather than impulse buy you can think rationally as to whether it will fit in with what you really want for your special day. You may be thinking classic. You may want more a more elegant wedding, or you could be thinking rustic or vintage. It’s very easy to sit on your laptop or mobile phone and scroll through websites and click ‘Buy Now’ just because it looks pretty and it’s only a few pounds. But before you know it those ‘few pounds’ will add up and may well end up with lots of bits and pieces that you don’t really need or actually use.

Be honest with yourself and try not to compare your wedding to something you see on Pinterest.

5. Wedding Day Savings
There are of course plenty of tips and ideas that you can explore to help with your wedding budget. For instance, why not have canapés as your starter and your wedding cake as dessert. Also, remember every guest does have a price tag attached, so be sensible and consider wisely when compiling that all-important guest list. Another 10 guests doesn’t sound many but add into the mix, table, chairs, linen, crockery, china, glassware, floral arrangements, place cards and favours to name but a few. You haven’t, as yet added that fabulous food and drink you are planning to offer. Why not read my blog on creating your guests list https://www.weddingsbymary.co.uk/compile-important-wedding-guest-list/ as your guest numbers will have the greatest impact on your wedding budget?

6. Budget Schedule
Finally, create a budget planner to help you keep track of all your wedding finances. A simple spreadsheet will suffice. List all the wedding items you will need then allocate an amount to each, bearing in mind that approximately 45% of your total budget will be on the reception (venue hire, food & drink) with the remaining 55% towards everything else. Make sure that you all also have a 5% contingency for those unexpected surprises.

Then when you start the planning process you can add in the actual costs as well as keeping a note of when any interim or final payments are due to be made.Time to Celebrate & Party

Clearly, it can be very easy to get carried away in all the excited and lose control of your spending. But hopefully, these tips will help you keep on top of your costs and avoid approaching your special day thinking “how on earth are we going to pay for this?”

Part of my service as an experienced and professional wedding planning is to create a budget planner and keep a close eye on your wedding planning budget therefore helping you spend wisely.

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