Tips on Winter Wedding Photography

There is something quite magical and quite special about a winter wedding isn’t there?

Cosy log fires, beautiful long velvet capes, a dusting of snow, warming spiced drinks & twinkling candle light. It all sounds so romantic.

However, one big consideration when holding a winter wedding is that you will lose the light early in the day. It is usually dark by 5pm in late December, so ensure that you choose an experienced and knowledgeable wedding photographer to take those romantic winter shots and to capture and express the beauty of your winter wedding.

As an experienced and professional wedding planner I get the opportunity to work with some amazing wedding photographers and London based wedding photographer Douglas Fry has given three great tips for you to talk through with your chosen wedding photographer.

Tip 1: Do They Rely On Flash?
Using flash is absolutely fine but it will fundamentally change the way the photograph looks, especially in the darker months. A candle lit wedding breakfast will look much brighter in the resulting images than you remember from the day itself. Personally, I shoot without flash to maintain the atmosphere and to remain discreet. There is often a concern that the photos will be too dark shot in this way, but there is no issue whatsoever with lighting if the photographer uses very fast lenses and cameras with very good and low noise ISO’s (ISO is a camera setting that will brighten or darken a photo). I use the Leica Noctilux lens (which is the fastest lens currently made, so there is no issue whatsoever with low light, in fact the lens was made for it).

Tip 2: How Do They Light The Group Shots?
This is when flash is vital to get a good clean image of a larger group. As the choice of shooting outside is no longer there, due to either low light or weather conditions, the use of studio lights indoors is vital to get a soft even light and to get the 2 or 3 rows equally in focus.

Tip 3: What Is The Wedding Photographers Plan B?
In case of inclement weather, for example if you are choosing a church service, when you leave the church and it is possibly pouring with rain, remember to ensure that you have discussed with the vicar the idea of shooting some of the family and other groups inside the church before leaving. Also remember to chat through where the best couple shots can take place at your chosen wedding reception venue. If you would like to have some posed shots outside, purchase an unbranded umbrella, just in case. All these details should be discussed and considered by the photographer and you beforehand, to make it run more smoothly, should a Plan B be necessary.

Thank you to Douglas Fry for these helpful tips.

I would also recommend that you ask your photographer to show you some of their own work from previous winter weddings, even better if they have any captured at your chosen wedding venue.

If you get an opportunity visit your wedding venue with your wedding photographer to look at the best options together, especially if the photographer has never shot at your wedding venue.

And remember, S M I L E !


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Professional and Experienced wedding planner, London & Essex based / Photo: Douglas Fry


(This photo of me was captured by Douglas whilst in a London coffee shop catching up during the summer)

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