What is your perfect honeymoon destination?

Santorini Honeymoon Destination / Photo: Weddings By Mary

After all the planning, preparation and then the big day itself it’s time to relax. Time for you as newlyweds to spend quality time together.

You may not have the opportunity to take your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, so how about a “minimoon?” With the world now a much smaller place and travel so much easier, a romantic city break to Paris, picturesque Venice or beautiful Barcelona may be the perfect choice.

In the very first Blog I wrote back in January www.weddingsbymary.co.uk/which-season-should-you-hold-your-wedding one of the tips to choosing the right season for your wedding was to consider where you wanted head off on your honeymoon. It’s an good idea to check that you don’t choose somewhere usually known to be hot and sunny to then discover the time of year you have picked for your wedding coincides with your proposed honeymoon destination’s rainy season!

Many years ago, it was my turn to think about this very subject and for weeks my husband and I considered various ideas. We had a very short engagement, well I had waited 8 years for the proposal, so the wedding date was set very soon after we were engaged, and we married 5 months later in the autumnal month of September. We knew we wanted somewhere hot, quiet and relaxing but most of all special. Sri Lanka was top of our list for ages, but we finally opted for the beautiful island of Antigua. However, as we were limited to the month of travel, this meant we chose the middle of the Caribbean’s rainy & hurricane season. We were extremely lucky though. No hurricanes and it would rain for 10 minutes most days then the sun would come out and all was beautiful and sunny again. So, I didn’t take my own advice (at this stage I must point out that I wasn’t a full-time wedding planner!) This was also an age before everyone had internet and cheap mobile phones, so a trip to the travel agent was in order.

These days the worldwide web gives you the opportunity to relax at home, browse & discover wonderful destinations, with the answers to any questions about climate, places to explore and learn about all at your fingertips.

Take time to chat through together the type of honeymoon you would like to have. Do you like to explore, or do you want to just completely relax and do nothing? How about combining a passion for wine with a tantalising tour of a vineyard in South Africa, then a safari followed by a relaxing week in a secluded lodge? Or maybe the beautiful Greek island of Santorini beckons with the combination of relaxing pool or beach hotels and the colourful and striking views from Oia; a picture-perfect bustling town of whitewashed buildings with deep blue rooftops. You also can savour the most spectacular sunsets whilst sipping cocktails, all very romantic.

Remember to check if you need a visa or any immunisations and make sure your passport in valid. If you want to travel in your new married name you can get a new passport before the wedding. You can apply for a passport in your new name up to 3 months before your marriage, but your old passport will be cancelled, so no quick weekend breaks abroad before the big day. Do consider this carefully and check out HM Passport Office for full legal advice.

Wherever you choose, this will be a wonderful way to start your married life and create the first of a lifetime of wonderful memories together.

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