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What to consider when hosting a winter wedding

Let’s start with what images conjure up in your mind when thinking of a winter wedding? Cosy log fires. Beautiful long velvet cape. A dusting of snow, warming spiced drinks & an abundance of twinkling candlelight. It all sounding rather magical and romantic. And it can be just that!


Read my top 5 tips on what should you consider when hosting a winter wedding

No. 1 If you’re wishing to embrace the whole Christmassy feel for your winter wedding, then you can really let your imagination run wild.

Picture a wonderful, magical winter wedding scene. Crunchy & frosty under foot, twinkling white lights, lots of gorgeous pillar candles, perhaps a delicate dusting of snow, with a warming, crackling log fire…. the enchanted feel good factor is endless. Why not opt for either beautiful pale Wedgewood blue, sparkling silver, and crisp whites?

Or choose truly festive rich reds and emerald greens with holly wreaths and mistletoe hung?

A gorgeous guest book alternative. A mini Christmas tree with gift tags for guests to write a special heartfelt message for the happy couple left to hang on the decorated tree.

#TOP TIP: Check when your chosen venue put up their festive decorations as well as their choice of colour scheme. You don’t want it to clash.

No. 2. A venue you’ve set your heart on may not have availability during the summer. But does during winter and often at a more cost-effective rate.

November is perfect as it is pre-festive season. Why not really get the party ball rolling with a stunning firework display, to add that extra sparkle? Although December may be a slightly more expensive month. You also have the use of the venue’s decorations, for that truly festive feel. A January wedding will give everyone something to look forward to after all the madness of the New Year has passed. Especially if held towards the end of the month.   #TOP TIP: Double check with your venue that fireworks are permitted and whether you’re required to use a specific company

No. 3 Everyone immediately thinks of weddings as summer occasions.

The image of hosting drinks reception outside with the sun shining warm and bright, the sound of children running freely around and chilled flowing champagne. But, then along come the wasps. Your guests start to waft their arms about frantically or shift around constantly, with the odd light-hearted scream and mad dash. You know who they are and can picture them already can’t you? And for those of you who suffer from hay fever will most certainly want to consider avoiding the summer months. Streaming eyes don’t make for the elegant photographs you want captured of your wedding day.

No. 4. A summer wedding doesn’t mean the guarantee of beautiful blue skies.  Sun shining bright on you and your guests.

With a winter wedding you’ll already know it will be chilly. However, you could also be lucky and have a bright crisp winters day. It has been known for photographs to be captured outside as the happy couple were blessed with a beautiful, crisp sunny day. Imagine not only wrapped up warm and cosy in a stunning winter cape but also wrapped in each other’s arms.

What’s not to love?

  #TOP TIP: Don’t forget to check the cloakroom space for guests as you don’t want unsightly coats draped over the back of chairs spoiling your whole wedding appearance.

No. 5 Spicy mulled wine.

Such an enticing scent to tempt your guests and warm their hands! Exactly what winter is all about, tempting and teasing the taste buds (and expanding the waistline!) During the evening celebrations, why not offer warming, rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. How lovely would this be for adults & children alike? #TOP TIP: Have these served on a separate table station. Giving guests the chance to move about, stretch their legs and mingle with other guests.

#TOP TIP: Have these served on a separate table station. Giving guests the chance to move about, stretch their legs and mingle with other guests.

Are you ready then to consider hosting a winter wedding.

Why not switch your thinking. And dare to be different?

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