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When should I hire a wedding planner?

When should I hire a wedding planner?

A fantastic question to ask. With an amazingly simple answer. Whenever you feel ready!

There are no set rules or indeed rule book, that says you have to hire a wedding planner at the beginning of your wedding planning journey.

In fact, many couples often hire a wedding planner when they realise that there is so much more to planning their wedding than initially thought.

When should I hire a wedding planner is therefore your call.

As a friendly, down to earth, wedding planner many of my couples have already either discovered their perfect wedding venue or booked their private marquee.

But with the logistics and meticulous planning it takes to organise a wedding this swiftly becomes a stark reality. The wedding administration (or wedmin as it is affectionately known as in the industry) alone is enormously time consuming.

An experienced and passionate wedding planner though delights in the spreadsheets and logistics. To ensure a couples wedding day, or wedding weekend, is impeccably planned. Perfectly executed and seamlessly run.

Did you know that it can take around 250 hours to plan your wedding? With today’s longer working hours it’s not surprising then that couples struggle to find the additional hours to plan their special day.

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With such an important celebration in your lives. You don’t want to look back and wish you’d done things differently.

Many couples often rely upon family and friends to help, especially on the day itself. This sounds great, but the reality is more often than not, vastly different. With assigned jobs often forgotten as they have, quite understandably, got caught up in the excitement of the day. They want to be there as your guest.

‘We didn’t want the stress and burden of the plans on family and guests minds ’ – A&F 

A Wedding Planner can make your entire wedding planning experience more  fun and enjoyable.

As well as alleviating any potential stresses that come with organising your special day. And let’s be honest there will be moments of stress.


A wedding planner will also save you that most precious of things… Time.

You are, nevertheless, still very much be in control.  After all it is your wedding day. Here at Weddings By Mary I understand that my couples want to enjoy the planning of their wedding as much as the day itself.

Every single decision made always remains firmly in their hands.

With a friendly, down to earth wedding planner by their side they know that I will expertly guide them. Ease the pressure of the logistical and admin responsibilities as well as play devil’s advocate when necessary.

Don’t forget a wedding planner will keep a crucial eye on your all-important wedding finances too.

As we have all experienced these past few months, a wedding planner will professionally handle any issues along the way. Some of which you will not even know about. Until a solution has been found and offered.

“Mary went above and beyond, never coming to us with an issue but coming with a solution”.

–  S&C

Bear in mind too that those final few weeks leading up to your wedding you will have far more important things on your mind. There will no doubt be last minute wedding dress and suit fittings. Stag and Hen weekends to enjoy. As well has hair and make-up trials to attend, to name but a few.

With a wedding planner by your side, you don’t need to worry about liaising with suppliers over the final arrangements and all those little, but especially important finishing touches.

A wedding planner will expertly, calmly, and professionally take care of all of this for you.

With the wealth of experience that a wedding planner like myself can provide. We transform your ideas and visions into reality. Ensuring that your wedding day really does exceed all expectations.

From that initial call through to the moment your last guest departs.

Hopefully, this answers your question when should I hire a wedding planner?

Therefore, whether you are seeking assistance right at the beginning this incredibly exciting journey. Have already make that initial start and dipped your toes into your plans. Or maybe you know that when your big day dawns you want to be able to totally immerse yourself in your special day.

Weddings By Mary will be right by your side.

Take a peek at what I offer with Full Wedding Planning. Bespoke Wedding Planning or Elite Wedding Day Management.

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I’ve spent most of my life in the wedding & events industry. Helping couples in love to celebrate in style is something I adore and am hugely proud of being able to do.

At the very heart of my job is a love of people. A chance to connect with couples is one of my favourite parts. Being a wedding planner means being able to balance the detail-focused organisation and expert problem solving with the chance to have a good chat and a laugh with couples over a cuppa or a glass of fizz.

Mary x