Why Renew Your Wedding Vows?

My local radio station, BBC Essex, recently asked me, as an experienced & professional wedding planner to speak about why couples wish to renew their wedding vows (listen in around 2.52 www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p06n91j0.) This came about with Jamie Oliver and his lovely wife Jules announced that they were planning to renew their wedding vows after 20 years of marriage in 2020.

There are many reasons why couples decide to renew their vows of marriage and I think it’s a very personal choice as to why they wish to do it.

It’s not a legal ceremony, and therefore it can take place wherever and whenever you wish and can be conducted by whomever you wish. This gives couples a much greater choice than they may have had first time around.

Couples may be more likely to be in a better financial position than when they initially married and possibly had a small, intimate wedding celebration. It has only been since the Marriage Act came into practice in 1994, that the option to marry at approved wedding venues has become available. The choices previously had been either a church service or local registry office. These days, there are so many more wedding venue choices for couples planning their special celebration from hotels, stately homes, rustic barns, and so on, than those marrying 20 or so years ago.

Wedding Anniversary celebration at one of Essex’s premier wedding and party venues, Hylands House / Photo By HN Photography.UKMy brother and his American wife renewed their wedding vows two years ago at Hylands Estate near Chelmsford to celebrate their 25th silver wedding anniversary. They had married in a whirlwind wedding ceremony in Las Vegas when my mother and I visited them in Los Angeles to see my new born nephew. Our arrival and that of my nephew prompted them to take the opportunity to marry and within 24hrs of us landing we were on our way to Vegas! It was a very romantic and special ceremony. I was my brother’s ‘best man’ and my sister in law’s family came too.

However, with the passing of the years it was time for them to be able to really celebrate their marriage and renew their vows, with friends and both families attending this time, including relations who flew in from the States. My sister-in-law had never tried on wedding dresses or had the fun of planning a wedding, so this was her time to savour that experience. It became affectionately known as their NWW…Non Wedding Wedding!

Other couples may have had significant changes in their life which has made them want to reflect and celebrate the specialness of their relationship and be able to party with family and friends to say thank you for their love, kindness and support.Wedding Rings / Photo: Rebecca Farries Photography

Whatever your reasons for wanting to renew your wedding vows, why not do it in style, sharing your milestone with family and friends?

Most importantly, have fun!

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